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Name : J. P. Verma
Qualification : M.Sc.(Statistics), PhD,MA(Psychology), Master In Computer
Designation : Head of The Department Of Computer Science And Applied Statistics
Background : I am working as HOD in The Lakshmibai National Institute Of Physical Education. The only University of Physical Education in India. I started my career in this university as a lecturer in statistics-cum-statistician in 1982. I have the unique distinction of writing first textbook on sports statistics in India. I have conducted many workshop/seminars on sports statistics in the Universities of Australia, Poland, Scotland and many Indian institution.
Research Interest :
  1. Developing Indexes And Norms
  2. Regression Analysis
  3. Expert System For Decision Making Problems
  4. Sports Statistics
Teaching Subject : Statistical Techniques, Sampling Techniques, Application of Multivariate Analysis, Applied Statistics, Design Of Experiment And Quantative Techniques.
Publication : Click to view
  • Books - Published Two Books With The Following Details
    1. A Text Book On Sports Statistics - Published By Venus Publication in Feb. 2000
    2. Test Your Concepts In Statistics – Published By Venus Publication In Dec. 1999
  • Research Papers -
    • International
      1. Sport And Physical Fitness :An Application Of Factor Analysis For Developing A Test Battery-Published In The Proceeding Of Fourth Conference On Mathematics And Computers In Sport Held At Bond University, Queens Land, Australia In July 1998.
      2. Fitness Assessment And Health Management System: A Computer Based Solution – Published In The Proceeding Of International Congress 98 On Management Of Physical Education And Sports Held At LNIPE, Gwalior, India In October 1998.
      3. A Statistical Approach For Developing Weighted Norms Based On Difficulty Ratings On Selected Fitness Parameters For Boys In The Age Group 13-16 Years – Published In The Proceeding of Fifth Conference On Mathematics And Computers In Sport Held At University Of Technology, Sydney, Australia In June 2000
    • National
      1. Time Series Analysis of Patients at Health centre, LNIPE, Gwalior.
      2. Factor Analysis Of Dermatoglyphic Variables Of National Level Men Gymnasts –Published By Willey And Publication On Behalf Of National Society Of Biomechanics In 1998.
      3. A Study Of Factor Structures Of Dermatoglyphic Variables Of National Level Men Basketball Players – Published In The Journal Of Physical Education, Vol. 1, India, 1989
      4. A Comparison Of Motor Creativity Among Primary Schools Girls Of Grade I,II,III- Published In Vyayam – Vidnyan Vol-26 No. 4, November 1993.
      5. A Study On Attitude Towards Coaching Among Physical Education Students – Published In Journal Of Physical Education , Vol VIII, Number II, India 1995.
      6. A Study Of Knowledge And Behaviour Of Physical Education Teachers Towards Smoking – Published In Journal Of Physical Education, Vol XI, Number I And II, India, 1998.
      7. Approach Towards Healthy Lifestyles-Published In The Proceeding Of Workshops On Fitness Forum,Exposition And Sports Dance Championship Conducted By National Sports Dance And Fitness Federation At New Delhi, April 1999.
      8. A Study On Discriminate Analysis Of Dermatoglyphic Variables In National Level Men Gymnasts Basketballers And Non-Sportsmen- Published In journal Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences Vol. XII, Number I India, 1999.
      9. Customizing Fitness Prescription –Published In Journal Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, Vol. VI, Number 1 & 2, India, 2000.
      10. Management In Sports In 2000 With In Indian Value System “TAP Incredible Dormant”-Published In Journal Of Physical Education And Sports Sciences, Vol. VI, Number 1& 2, India, 2000.
      11. A Study Of Stress Assessment And Its Behaviour Published In Research Biannual, Amravati, 2004.
    • Under Print
      1. A Study On Estimating VO2 MAX On Indian Athletes From Different Techniques In The Field Situation.
        -Accepted For Publication In NIS Journal Of Sports
Email :
Phone : 0751-5000979 (Off.)
98931-61646 (Mob.)
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